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The most wanted

FULL 25%



  • Personal Account Manager

  • Visit to the Property

  • Owner Platform Configuration

  • Professional photography (under budget)

Ad Management

  • Ad creation

  • Calendar management

  • Smart Dynamic Pricing

  • Deposit Management

Guest Management

  • Reservation Management

  • Communication and 24-hour guest support

  • Autonomous Check-In Management

  • Communication of stays to SEF

Property Management

  • Professional cleaning

  • Clothing and towels

  • Consumables and hygiene items

  • Maintenance solutions (under quote)

Plus +5%

Adds to the value of the Total Plan

+ Professional photography

+ Welcome offer to guests  

+ In-person Check-In Management

+ Collection and Delivery of Municipal Tourist Tax


  • AL Kit and AL Plate

  • Customized information book

  • Issuing invoices

  • Interior Design Consultancy  




Exclusive plan for reservations > 27 nights

Monthly rental, or medium-term rental, is an excellent option not only for those who have a house in a local accommodation containment zone and are looking for an alternative to make it profitable, but also for those looking to rent their property only for periods of 1 to 12 months.

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